dinsdag 12 januari 2010


We were at school.
I walked over to you and said
'You said you wanted to tell me something'.
You blushed and told me 'never mind'.
I looked at you, smiled and told you never mind was not an option.
Your face turned an even deeper red.
I got one step closer.
You hesitated for a second and then said
'I'm not gonna tell you now, not even if you try to force me!'
and winked at me.
I grabbed you by the arm and pulled you closer to me.
'So you want it the tough way, huh?'
I started to tickle you 'till you screamed stop with me siting on top of you.
You laughed, looked at me and said 'OK! Game! I'll spill!'
I tried to get up, but you grabbed my shirt, rolled us over and put your face close to mine.
'I'm in love with you'.
You smiled.
I was speechless, but before I could even think of what to say or do next,
You kissed me.
We lay for 5 minutes
I rolled us over again, stood up, looked at you and said
'sorry... but I can't do this now... you know how I feel...'
I turned away and started walking.
'You value our friendship over our love, but my love for you is so strong I had to choose...'
I stopped walking and turned to you
'Losing you, or trying to be with you were my options.'
Again I was speechless
'But I now know what you meant' you smiled 'Your point has been made'
You started walking away
I ran to you, stopped you and looked you deep in you eyes
'No... your point has been made!'
You looked surprised, tears were running down your face
'I love you'
we kissed.
That was the last time I saw you...
This was just two hours before you had your accident, but it makes me happy thinking you died happy.

I love you

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