zondag 16 mei 2010

to the light

I'm taking a break because I'm losing it again
And I wanna relate without you thinking I'm insane.
Oh, it's the same another train. Just sitting around with record in my brain.

You could have everything you wanted
But you would still be wanting more.
Cos the sun is always in your eyes.
You search for stillness on a rock. Thats spinning round and round and you're surprised.

Take a break from all i know
Just sit back and let it flow.
Then I find I've broken through.
To the light again.

Everytime I find I'm thinking about the things I wanna.
That is the time I have nothing to sing.
And everytime I find i'm thinking about things that don't matter.
That is the time I see everything.

I want to know lord why it's got to be so hard.
I want to know lord why it's got to be so hard.
I feel like a muppet with a drunken puppeteer but I'll survive.
I will survive.

Take a break from all I know
Just sit back and let it flow.
Then I find I've broken through.
To the light again.
To the light again.

Take a break from all I know.
Just sit back and let it flow.
Then I find I've broken through.
To the light again.

donderdag 13 mei 2010

Olievlek Golf van Mexico


www.thezeitgeistmovement.com >>>(Venus, Florida- May 12rd, 2010)

On the Gulf Coast of the United States the
shock is now setting in for millions of American citizens as we now realize
the true extent of the damage caused by our desire for obsolete and
dangerous fossil fuels, and our perpetuation of an outdated monetary world
society, where the bottom line has always been profit at all costs, be it
human or environmental. It is time for a viable solution to deal with a
system hardwired for self destruction.

It is with that very unfortunate introduction that we, The Zeitgeist
Movement, now must enter the international conversation to express the need
for true change. That word is not some jingoist slogan devised by a focus
group, but the evident desire of the public for a meaningful transition out
of the destructive legacy, the burden of our past mistakes as a maturing
civilization. We only have one Earth; there is no reset button here.

We must break out of our established ideologies that have prevented
progress. Ending the political duality, economic stratification and false
divisions is key to overcoming our apparent historical bondage that says
the future we were promised must remain an elusive dream. We must now
rethink our society and outgrow those parts of it that serve to paralyze

As of Friday, April 30th it was reported by CBS News (US) that the spill
had spread to cover 2,100 square miles and was still spilling at a rate up
to 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) a day. As of today, there has been no
progress in stopping this catastrophe. This did not have to happen. It
happened because we continue to use an obsolete technology for the sake of
maintaining a profitable establishment. An establishment that perpetuates
vast inequality in its wages to its employees versus its core owners,
destroys fragile and vital eco-systems, and pollutes our air.

It is time for real change, not empty promises. No amount of socialism or
free market ideology will save us from ourselves, there needs to be a
fundamental re-write of what we think we know, to achieve a sustainable
human enterprise.

Our generation has stood and watched as our planet has been raped and
pillaged, yet we do nothing. Our generation has stood and watched as our
government bailed out the very people who created this economic crisis, yet
we do nothing. Our generation has stood and watched as our rights have been
stripped away from us, and yet we do nothing. Our generation has stood and
watched as we have been handed the problems of the countless generations
before it, and we are preparing to do the same to the next generation, and
we do nothing.

Let us be the first generation to hand solutions to our children and our
children’s children. But we can’t do it alone. Let us break down the
barriers we have created amongst ourselves. We need all of you, every last
one, to say enough is enough in one voice. Not as Americans or Russians,
Christians or Muslims, but as fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Let
us destroy the lines between us and work to create a world where our
children are truly safe and free. Let us create a world where we can tell
our children that they can be and do whatever their heart desires, and know
deep inside us we are telling them the truth. Let our generation be the

We have the tools, we have the knowledge, we have the technology. It is
time we make the transition to a world, an economy, and a future we all
deserve regardless of geographic location or economic disposition. As long
as we rely on legacy systems defined in a 19th century mentality all we
will do is spin our wheels while a parade of economic and ecologic
disasters visits us again and again. It is time to pull the plug on this
charade because as you will find out, there is a better way.

We, the Zeitgeist Movement representatives, reach out to you so that we can
all work together to do what must be done. Every man, woman and child has a
voice, but together we can create one voice so deafening that no one will
have a choice but to listen. But it requires you. It requires you put away
preconceived notions you have been told about “the way things are” as
if it is the only way, because it's not! Our way of thinking will no longer
sustain us. We can either remain in the house of cards we have built and
watch it collapse all around us, or we can, through the best our society
has to offer, begin to construct a stable mature and thriving society so
that the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, the Exxon Valdez and many others are nothing
more then an embarrassing footnote in history.

The choice is yours.

woensdag 12 mei 2010

kant en klaar maaltijd

als zij lachen, lacht zij ook.
als zij huilen, huilt zij ook.
ze weet niet waarom ze het doet,
maar zo schijnt het te moeten.

een blik gevoelens
en een masker van steen.


vergeten tijden
op vergeten locaties
met vergeten mensen
en vergeten spullen.

de tijd loopt onder me door
en de wind waait over me heen.

het leven loopt langs me af
maar jij houdt mijn hand vast.

met moeite herinner ik me
de lessen die ik heb geleerd

maar vergeten zullen ze nooit zijn.

hoera voor insomnia!

vannacht heb ik:
-the butterfly effect 2 gekeken en ben ik er achter gekomen dat het een behoorlijke slechte film is.
-wat gelezen over the butterfly effect 3 en ben ik er achter gekomen dat deze nog slechter schijnt te zijn.
-naar een nieuwe telefoon gezocht terwijl ik nog een fatsoenlijke heb
-naar een nieuwe mp4 speler gezocht terwijl de mijne nog super is.
-geleerd hoe tunnels gemaakt worden.
-geleerd hoe thee gemaakt wordt.
-geleerd hoe mountainbikes gemaakt worden.
-4 afleveringen van house gekeken.
-geleerd dat je waanbeelden kunt krijgen van herpes.
-geleerd dat herpes tumoren laat krimpen en zo je leven met enkele maanden kan verlengen.
-geleerd dat je ziek kunt worden van contact met duiven poep. (ook al is dat best logisch)
-geleerd dat er parasieten bestaan die mensen en duiven wel treffen, maar ratten niet en die niet opduiken in normale tests.
-geleerd dat er een ziekte bestaat die je maagwand zo aantast dat je bepaalde belangrijke vitamines niet meer opneemt en hierdoor zo gek kunt worden dat je je eigen kind probeert te doden.
-een hoofdstuk van m'n nieuwe boek gelezen.
en toch op om 12 uur xD

zondag 9 mei 2010

anatomie van een verliefd persoon

M'n hart zit in m'n keel.
M'n hoofd zit in de wolken.
M'n ogen moeten gecontroleerd worden, want overal zie ik jou.
Volgens mij is er iets mis...